Peace and War in the Heartland


"Hell No! I Won't Go!"

I am a _________ year old male.

I am registered with the U.S. Selective Service System.

I pledge to Resist Illegitimate Authority by refusing induction, if drafted.


Signed: ___________________________________

Witnessed by: ______________________________

Date: ____________________

{An act of Resistance sanctioned, approved and encouraged by the Minnesota 8.}

download Word doc "HellNo.doc"

  1. Download and/or Print this page - sign, date and get witnessed.
  2. Print copies and post, mail to friends and family, etc.
  3. Email a copy to Minnesota 8
  4. Send to: Public and Intergovernmental Affairs, Selective Service System, National Headquarters
    Arlington, Virginia 22209-2425 Phone: 703-605-4100 FAX: 703-605-4106
  5. Attend or have your campus, organization or group read or produce the play, "Peace Crimes."



The military Selective Service Draft has been activated!

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