Peace and War in the Heartland

The Human Village

A place for respectful and nonjudgmental war and peace talk.

“Honor one, honor all, honor yourself.”

The Human Village is a symbolic space set-aside for heartfelt discussions about the moral decisions that young people need to make concerning the issues of war-making and peace-making.

The Human Village has no agenda. All viewpoints and all people are welcome. Inside the Human Village all are members in the One Family of Humankind.

In the Human Village those experienced with war-making and peace-making decisions make themselves accessible and available to the young men and women who seek their experiences and truths.

The Human Village is a physical space and boundary markers will be set, e.g., flags, a temporary entrance structure, etc.

Since events occur at diverse physical locations, the Human Village is also a virtual space.

Participants enter the Human Village through a pledge. You pledge not to be judgmental. To respect all persons. To listen and respond, calmly though with passion, to those who walk a different path.

You receive and sign a pledge card that list the “Terms of Engagement.” You will wear an wristband indicating your openness to all.

Many and diverse events will take place. There will be a first-come-first-serve sign-up to use a Free Speech Zone.

Human Village's public events are planned for several Metro area college campuses,
including the U of M, Macalester and Augsburg.

Other Metro, statewide and regional colleges are planning
collaborative on-campus events.




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