Public Events


All these events related to attendance at the play, "Peace Crimes: the Minnesota 8 vs. the war," at the U of Minnesota, February 21-March 9, 2008



November 29-30, 2007        
University of Wisconsin, Superior
January 15, 2008                   
Arts - "Poets for Peace"
February 19, 2008                 

University of Minnesota - Steve Miles, Elizabeth dela Vega, David Noble, Rabbi Eilberg, Dr. Adil Ozdemir, Rev. Tom Duke & Veterans

February 20, 2008                  
Augsburg College-Col. Ann Wright, Elizabeth dela Vega, Chante Wolf, Mary Beaudoin (WAMM), State Rep. Karen Clark & Veterans
February 21, 2008                  
Macalester College - Jim Wallis (ed., Sojourners magazine)
February-March, 2008           
Macalester College - Experimental College
February 26, 2008                  
UM - College of Continuing Education's Great Conversation - Daniel Ellsberg
February 27, 2008                  
Metro State
March 1, 2008                      
St. Olaf College
March 11, 2008            
University of Wisconsin, River Falls
March 13, 2008        St. Catherine's College





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