Peace and War in the Heartland - Music & Youth


One of the basic needs for organizing youth on high school and college campuses is music.

This is not surprising if you think of how music was the medium of consciousness raising in the Sixties.


Jim Forrey of Substance is an organizer you should contact if you want to attract young people to your events.


SUBSTANCE - "Building Soapboxes since 2007"

Substance is a nonprofit booking and promotions organization, in the Twin Cities, devoted to merging independent art and music with social justice activism.
Substance works to bring music to the movement for change, as a source of motivation and attraction.
Substance works to bring action to the music scene, to engage music fans with the issues often confronted in cultural productions.
Substance operates by: 1) Consulting political/social justice organizations to put on music based events, for fund-raisers etc., 2) Partnering with organizations to put on events matching music with action, 3) Collaborating with organizations and musicians to pursue social change.

Services: Band and venue booking, equipment coordination, event production and consulting, event "greening", and organization coordination.

For more information, or to work with Substance, contact, or call Nolan Morice at 763-913-2192

Substance, as a 501(c)3 nonprofit*, operates off of booking and event fees, grants, and individual donations. Contribute at
* In the process of registering as a 501(c)3

Substance "RNC Fest"

"Bring Substance to the Republican National Convention" Fund-raising Campaign.
As thousands converge on St. Paul for the RNC this September, Substance will be providing the space, motivation, and draw for constructive discourse. The "RNC Fest" will consist of a large concert as the focus, featuring national and local artists, a wide-array of political/social justice organizations from all over the left spectrum, art galleries, open mics, and simply space for political expression. The "RNC Fest" is sure to draw in many demonstrators that will already be in St. Paul, as well as many other people who usually would not come out. Though left-leaning, the "RNC Fest" is a nonpartisan event.

It will be free and open to all.
September 2nd, 2008
Outdoor venue (TBA), St. Paul, MN

To contribute to the event, go to contributions via PayPal), or mail a check or money order to: Substance, care of:
Jim Forrey, 1114 14th Ave. SE, Mpls, MN 55414

For more information go to the website or email:



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