Peace and War in the Heartland


Peace and War in the Heartland is a start-up organization that has its 501c3 fiscal sponsorship through Springboard for the Arts .

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This is a start-up organization that relies primarily on individual contributions. We beg, borrow and scrounge all we can, but some thing still cost hard cold cash, primarily for promotion and the video project.

Please consider supporting us with a tax-deductible donation. Springboard for the Arts takes care of all the paperwork, which allows us to focus on putting on a great program. All money you give is tax-deductible, plus there’s a guaranteed outcome of reaching America’s youth.


Peace and War in the Heartland is inspired by the landmark trials of the “Minnesota 8” in 1970-1971, which revolved around the core argument that Resistance to illegitimate authority is Patriotic. Seven of the draft resisters served felony sentences.

A play by Doris Baizley about the draft raid trials of “The Minnesota 8” is being co-produced by the History Theatre, the Playwrights’ Center and the University of Minnesota Theater Department for fourteen performances at the University of Minnesota theater in Rarig Center. The play premieres on February 22 and ends March 9, 2008.

While Peace and War in the Heartland is an entirely independent project, the public events are timed to coincide with the presentation of the play for the enrichment of all participants.


We are currently seeking money to fund the project through April 2008, but with success of the initial activities, the potential exists to develop an ongoing curriculum project that could continue these activities in other locations, especially the Video Diary concept in an educational setting.

Activities may also include facilitating workshops for congregations and speaker presentations. Success will be evaluated through a matrix of: each event well-attended, rigorous conversations, engagement with community partners, representation of diverse viewpoints, media coverage, website hits, and Video Booth volume and content.

This is a non-partisan project. In an election year, and looking towards our sixth year of engagement in a deeply unpopular war, continuing community dialogue is crucial as our society wrestles with these incredibly complex issues.

Thank you for the opportunity to present this project for your consideration and support.


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