Peace and War in the Heartland


Why donate to “Peace and War in the Heartland”?

  • “Peace and War in the Heartland” (PWH) believes that an informed citizenry is democracy’s best safeguard. To this end,
  • PWH produces free public events that promote personal engagement with the complex intellectual issues and moral terrain of war and peace-making.
  • PWH is an extraordinarily timely campus-based peace-and-war education project that articulates key, critical moral and constitutional issues facing America’s draft age youth, 18-25, using an
  • original and highly imaginative approach to telling a complete and comprehensive story of how present moral, political and cultural conditions and challenges are rooted in the choices made by previous generations, through
  • a series of campus-based free public events that employ various communication modalities (lectures, small group discussions, panels, etc.) to address eight decision influence sources: history, politics, law, religion, science and the experience or fact of being young, a woman or a veteran.
  • To create and promote an intergenerational dialogue and discussion, PWH creatively links its events to
  • a theatrical re-enactment of a mock Draft Lottery and
  • a theatrical play linking past events with current affairs, namely,
    “Peace Crimes: the Minnesota 8 vs. the war.”

In sum, PWH engages the hearts and minds of America’s youth by designing and establishing on each campus a nonjudgmental meeting environment, called the “Human Village.” This is where youth can freely interact, intellectually and experientially, with individuals and organizations with peace-making and war-making experiences.


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