Peace and War in the Heartland



1. Campus based events that reach the diverse draft age demographic, 18-25,

2. through outreach into off-campus community youth groups and high schools,

3. enabling access to a broad range of organizations and individuals with peace-making and war-making experiences, namely, veterans, military personnel and war resisters.

4. Dissemination of accurate and updated information on the draft, military recruitment, Conscientious Objector status, and veteran issues.

5. Simulating the experience of being drafted, through a mock Lottery, and

6. by receiving a true veteran's story, "What happened to you in the war?," making real the consequence of going to war for a generation for whom the war is being fought by volunteers.

7. A series of expert presentations that address the thorny and controversial moral, political, cultural and personal issues of the times.

8. Personal participant involvement through round table discussions, and

9. encounters with a broad range of individual and organizational war and peace-makers who staff free information tables.

10. Dissemination and preservation of the event and participant responses through a Video Diary project that captures live-events, disseminates them through internet outlets, and deposits them in historical association and university archives.

11. Dissemination and promotion of PWH events through live webcasting, several project related websites, and capturing participant responses through an interactive web-based blog.

12. Theatrical play that links past with present and provides basis for intergenerational and family discussion and dialogue.



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